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Home Care Services 


Our Approach

We take pride in knowing that we properly represent the home care agency by adhering to professional standards, home care procedures and federal and state regulations. Before joining out team, all staff members are required to complete two weeks of training prior to work commencement and one week of training on site to ensure that property satisfy all of your loved ones' needs.


When one talks about a Godsend, that would be Marie.


I've worked with Marie for 5 years at a Healthcare facility.  (Marie......or you can say:  an Assisted Living facility)


I am a witness to her high morals, conscientiousness, compassionate nature, dedication to our most vulnerable population in such facilities, and her attention to detail.  


I've witnessed family members requesting only her to be the caretaker of their loved ones residing in the facility.


When one talks about a place for Mom, Dad, or another much loved family member, Marie is your answer.

Robin Callender

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